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Cul Fadda Ghost Estate, Co Kerry

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Photos of ghost estate have become all too common.   But Cul Fadda in Sneem, Co Kerry, is still noteworthy.  First of all consider the number of houses which are now lying idle and empty.  This, at a time, when homelessness is rife.  With the coming winter what will become of these houses in Sneem?  Nothing.  They will lie empty while people suffer in the cold, around the towns and cities of Ireland.  Talk about an insane world.  Capitalism!

Cul Fadda itself became the focus of an art project organised by Jochen Gersz.   He coordinated a group of 57 local school children who worked on transforming the empty and uncompleted ghost estate into a statement about the aftermath of the Celtic Tiger.  Some of this is certainly interesting….

But it hardly gets to the heart of the matter.  Why not go a lot further and give these houses to a trust that could make positive use of them?

But I’m guessing that won’t happen and that some of the same vested interests that caused this huge mess here in Ireland still have a stranglehold on everything in the zone of property and wealth.  So, there will be no giving these empty houses to any worthy trusts or such like.

The former show house for the development is decorated  inside and is all the more ironic for this.  When you look in the window, you can see that it is fully painted and furnished.  There must be so many people who would walk in the door of that show house tomorrow morning and take up residence.  But that  is not to be, of course.

The show room opening hours!


Written by Kevin Doyle

September 11, 2012 at 6:31 pm

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