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Repost Ireland: The poor die and the rich shall have fun!

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This contribution, published on Thursday on Indymedia Ireland, cannot be surpassed for its acute observation of what is now happening in Ireland.  The author of the report, Sean Mallory, explains,

RTE‘s Joe Duffy for once and unknowingly had his finger on the pulse when he accidentally illustrated the differing effects of the recession in a 7 minute clip.

Sean goes on to explain the content of the clip:

It opens with a woman talking about the tragic death of Slovakian man Stefan Adami who committed suicide from despair at his economic situation. When he was cut off his benefit, he and his wife were stuck in what sounds like a Dickensian situation.

The key point however comes near the end of the clip.  In an advertisement for another show on the radio station, RTE’s John Murray eggs on

“…Chris De Burgh‘s daughter Rosanna Davison (socialite) talks about her famed trip to Marrakech with Johnny Ronan (failed developer & co-owner of Treasury Holdings). Davison does not seem to be aware/care that she went in a private jet owned by Ronan when he owed the Irish tax payer €896 million through Nama. Perversely she relishes in the gossip, egged on by an RTE presenter. “

The original report on Indymedia is here.  The full sound clip from the Joe Duffy show is here.  Take a listen.

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